John Berkey
● Genre : Art / Illustration
● 2008-06-11

"John Berkey (1932-April 29, 2008) has had a long and distinguished career during which he has avoided computers. However, John’s futuristic space images have almost single-handedly defined the look of modern, hi-tech space craft. Whether you know it or not, John Berkey was the pioneer who has defined a lot of what we now accept as modern space design. Digital artists creating science fiction works really owe a huge debt of thanks to his inspiring art."

In 2004, John Berkey was named to the 104-year-old Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame, which includes Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth, Frederick Remington and John James Audubon.

In 2007, he was voted to be the year’s EXPOSÉ Grand Master. EXPOSÉ is a Digital Art Annual published by Ballistic Publishing - the supporter of the most respected and accessible global organization for creative digital artists, CGSociety.

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