Miloslav Troup
● Genre : Art / Illustration
● 2008-07-10

Miloslav Troup (1917 - 1993) lived in Prague, where he worked on paintings, graphic art, and especially book illustrations. He illustrated more than 160 books, some of them in as many as twelve foreign language editions and in multiple (10) editions (Artia Praha Publications). As his graphic technique, he used predominantly lithography, semi-tone offset, and clichés verre.

He also worked in applied arts and created stained glass designs for Prague, Olomouc, Pitín, Ostrava, Martin, and Čestice u Volyně.

Tapestries were woven according to his designs for Alšova Gallery in Hluboká nad Vltavou, and for the representational rooms of the Old Town City Hall in Prague. He also worked in commercial graphics, such as calendars, posters, tourist guides, catalogues, etc.


Selected Illustrations
Pohádky ze dvou klubíček @1962
Written by Hana Zantovska
Legends from Eastern Lands @1967
Retold by Jaroslav Ticky
Kralevic Marko @1975
Written by Vladimír Hulpach
Ossianův Návrat @1985
Written by Vladimír Hulpach
Karadžić, Vuk Stefanović: Pohádky @1989
Written by Dušan Karpatský